Author Services

book-book-pages-chapter-5834Are you self-publishing your book? Do you need an editor to look through your writing and make sure it is ready to be published? I provide services that are specifically tailored to self-publishing authors. This includes beta reading, line editing, structural editing, stylistic editing, and proofreading.


Copy Editing

blank-brainstorming-business-6357This type of editing is where I ensure the correctness, consistency, and accuracy of your work. I go through the writing line-by-line and make sure there are no errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. I make sure that the manuscript follows the chosen editorial style. Copy editing your work will leave you with clear, coherent, and complete content. 


ballpen-blank-desk-606541I provide ghostwriting for writers and bloggers who need extra help with their writing. If your business has grown so much that you are having a hard time finding time to write — let me do it for you! You provide me with the topic, talking points, ideas, and overall message and I will create the material. The best thing about ghostwriting is you get the advantages without having to do the grunt work. 


advertising-business-close-up-259092Proofreading is the final edit before your document is to be published, printed, or posted online. This is an overall edit of everything the work encompasses. I look for any remaining spelling errors, design flaws, and anything else that needs some final tweaking. 



computer-device-display-953213Do you have audio or video content that you would like to turn into written content? I provide transcription of audio and video sources so that you can have what was said written down — word for word. You can then take the content and use it for whatever medium you choose (blog, article, webinar, book, etc.)